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Hello, my name is Randy and I'm an S-aholic
I never really admitted I had a problem with the s R1100S bars on day rides once I modified the OEM saddle and installed a peg lowering kit.
Still, the bars where still about an inch or so too far forward for my reach.
My 50-something body felt numerous pressure points after 100 miles or more. It made more than 2 hours in the saddle just too much effort. Joy lost.

" I just need a little farther back..."
I needed an answer, somehow...and I didn't feel like gambling high dollars for products out there that still didn't appear to bring the bars reward, with maybe the exception of those really really nice, and really expensive machined tripleclamps that allow you to use tubular bars.
That set-up was too radical for my tastes, akin to supermoto ergos. Not enough information was available about installation either.
I tried to research the KRS bars setup and couldn't find the right info... Then there was brand "V" kit,...way too much dinero for my wallet.

Check the wrist angle in this pic, OEM 'comfort' bars. I'm 5'11", 32" inseam with long monkey arms...Ouch!

What's the diff?
A turn-key item for those bikes that came with the high (comfort) bars and all ABS equipped models. No cables, wires, or hoses need to be replaced. They set the bars +/- 1.5" back and about +/- .75" higher. They are adjustable concentrically like the OEM bars but additionally at a second axis, and as a result, also adjustable in some width.
An allen wrench (look in your toolkit) and maybe a pair of wire cutters is all you'll need.
Metric stainless steel cap screws (18-8 SS Socket Head Cap Screw, M6 Thread, 16MM Length, 1MM Pitch) and installation instructions are included.

This simple design gave me resolve, and better ergos...
Coupled with a flatter saddle and a Surban Machinery Ppeg lowering kit (if needed), pressure will come off your wrists, neck, and back, Your hips will roll back into a more normal erect position.
It's all about how you're body fits to the bike, and we are all different in stature and style. That said, these barbacks aren't for all S riders. But over 800 S owners use and love them.

Low "sport bar" bikes like the Boxer Cup Replika, Prep, and pre 2001 bikes without ABS do need a longer brake hose. Hoses available through Spiegler and Galfer.
The Low-bar Installation tips were written by the guys that pioneered the install, so read up.

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Rapid Dog started back in 1981 as a BMW rider and graphic designer. Since then several iterations of employ fom Aerospace Engineering to moto parts design have been the norm...

Easy Peasy

  • A simple design ...
    One thing I am proud of, is these barbacks don't spoil the looks of the R1100S, You have to look real close to notice that there's much changed to the factory comfort bars. Gee, it's such a subtle mod!
  • Installation instructions here.
    That said, these barbacks aren't for all S riders. For those that want them, the results speak for themselves RD


Contact me for info via e-mail to buy a set or get on the list. I need at least 5 riders to get a run going...

Address: PO Box 63, Acton, CA 93510
E-mail: order@rapiddog.net