Phase 3: Now for a little rat farklin'...


  • Money is like water, but my karma wheel turns. I now have a solid running and wel maintained airhead RS. It's a keeper.

    Very well then, need to get to the creature comforts and here's the list:

  • V1 radar detector - go no where without it, needs to be mounted.

  • Kisan Signal Minder - New to me. This is kinda cool, it has both the ability to cancel the turn signals (wonky dirtbike turnsignal switch)
    as well as make the signals into running lights. I always thought Run-N-Lites was the only way to go.

  • Solo seat - Acquired a solo seat so that I can use the Russel backrest on the dual saddle for Mama rides.

  • Vented center fairing - RT/RS center fairing with louvers for better airflow. I don't want to remove the lowers every summer.

  • Paint - I'm leaving the bodywork as is biut acquired a second set of side covers. The solo, covers, and center fairing will be black
    This is the solo running plan, keeping the Lava Rot parts for safe keeping.

  • Pinstripes - I'm going to fiddle with some striping tape before I find a steady hand to highlight this redhead...