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"Randy, the barbacks went on great and are awesome!"

Chris Harris Affordable Beemer Services LLC
Manchester, New Hampshire - (Sometime in 2006)
See Chris' install on a lowbar bike on the Lowbar Install page...

"Thanks for your support.  And as you already know, your barbacks for the R1100S are the very best.  They are a true work of art, beautiful finish, perfect fit, and highly functional."
Jeff Thurmond
Motorcycle R&R
Motorcycle Repair & Rendezvous
Midvale, UT

"... just thought i would let you know the barbacks worked out
great for me , I did a 1200 kilometer ride around the cascade loop in
washington state and Idont think my arms could of handled that
distance... with the the barbacks they are a must with a Corbin seat.
anyhow, thanks again for your good service"

Dean Wills
Victoria B.C

"Hey Randy, I installed the barbacks last weekend and they were everything I hoped they would be. Great work and thanks ever so much."
Gene Y.
Bloomington, MN

"The postman comith!! the barbacks look awesome! I can't wait to get them on. I'm probably going to wait until this weekend when it's suppose to warm up to the 20's. It's below zero right now. I'll send you an update when I get them on. YEAH HA!!!!.take care,"

Jerry LaR
Syracuse, NY.
Initial Review by Jerry on Pelican Parts BB:
"I was one of the lucky few to get a set of Rapid Dog's initial offering of his MADE IN THE USA barbacks!!! First off when they arrived I thought they were real pretty! After reading the installation instructions they went on without any problem. I had to cut a few wire ties for extra slack in the wiring. I took off the body panels to get at the last wire tie and check for any binding but I don't think that is really necessary after I did it. I also loosened the banjo bolt on the clutch master cylinder and rotated it slightly to give extra clearance again I'm not sure if really necessary. All told this newbie installed barbacks all by himself!
A dry run in my garage revealed a much more comfortable position for this 5'10" frame. Hopefully spring will come someday and I can give a real riding impression.
Thanks Rapid for all your work"

"I received the barbacks today via Priority Mail-they're a work of art in machining! "

Paul Longo
Stamford, CT

"I got the barbacks and put them on yesterday. They are incredible!! They feel great and look even better!! You are a true craftsman!! They are the best purchase that I have made for the "S". Thanks to you for a great product and great service."
Jarret S.
Patterson, NY

"I mounted mine over the weekend. I have them pointed inward on a slight angle and it moves the bars out a little and it feels great. With my peg lowering kit and these barbacks it feels like I'm on my old K12RS with comfort bars. Thanks Rapid Dog!!"
Tony C.
Alta Loma, CA

"Rapid's design is the best. He'll be making more, believe me..."
Joe Cipriano
Chicago, ILL

"SoCal IS the place for custom machining, ain't it?
The CNC guy obviously really knows his stuff...beautiful!!!! Thanks for the hard work and innovation to build an accessory that's necessary and of great quality."

Jony RR
Tacoma, WA

"Randy: I've installed your bar backs and after the first run I'm very pleased with the results. After several hours riding I had absolutely no soreness. It took a few minutes to adjust to a less"sporting" position but now the fit is much improved.
The bar backs worked well for me with the Suburban Machinery peg lowing kit. I sensed less vibration in the throttle handle but this could be a result of a tune-up. Installation went easily and the quality of fit & finish is excellent. One note - your suggestion of 18 ft-lbs for the bar backs may be a tad too high. The comfort bar clamps appeared to be set at about 18 but they have much more thread engagement. Using a lubricant/thread locker has the affect of increasing the effective torque. I believe the generic recommended range for a 6mm screw is 10-12 ft-lb. I used 12 and really had to hit the bars hard to get a very little movement.
Anyway, a great product - Thanks"

Charles A.
Ontario, Canada

"Randy, I was one of the original buyers of your bar backs. They allow me to take most of my weight off my wrists. The is especially important to me because of a motorcycle related injury to my left wrist. Without your bar backs I couldn't ride the R1100S for more then 30 minutes. With your bar backs I can ride all day. :)"

Jeff M.
Merrimac, WI

"They has improved the ride of my bike soo much. These barbacks made me love my bike. If you've got the low bars try the barbacksI have had wrist surgery and the low bars limited my riding time. Now with the more upright position there is less weight on the wrist. I also enjoy the heads up riding for safety reasons. My wife says that she likes them as well. They limit her sliding on the rear seat on quick stops..
Thanks for the great product.."

Claude A.
Calhoun, GA

I've only started to use your barbacks just lately since my girlfriend has been riding my '04 S. We both love them and pretty much change on and off when we feel like it, the change is so easy. Thanks for your help."
William S.
Micanopy Fl.

"Hi Randy,
Just wanted to let you know that my risers are on, my shocks are on, and the bike is awesome now! The risers are beautiful and are perfect for me. I LOVE them! Ron told me they were the nicest aftermarket product he's seen..."

Ron & Meg Schmidt - Motorcycle Repair and Rendezvous
Midvale, UT

"I now have a wonderfully comfortable riding position with the same sweet handling.
A GREAT product..."

Dave S.
West Chester, OH

"I just installed my barbacks last night, also turned them just slightly inward to give about 1 inch clearance from grip to tank at full lock. 2002 SA, zero install problems, and all I can say Randy is: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, ETC..Folks, if you don't have em, you want em!"
Brent A.
Coarsegold, CA

"The bar backs arrived. Fred installed them immediately. I took the bike
for a ride. What a difference they made!! Woo-hoo :)"

Fred & Michelle Ahlgren
Highland Heights, OH

"GRRReat!. The barbacks are better than I ever expected. I get on the bike, start riding, and don't want to stop. Simply put ""the best aftermarket piece I could have purchased"
Dennis F.
Concord, CA

"...thanks for the comfort zone on my R1100S!!!"
Jim P.
Tulsa, OK

"Got the barbacks on the bike, superb in every way. Great fit and finish. These jewels significantly improved my seating posture and overall position on the bike. Makes this sport touring motorcycle a real joy to ride, for hundreds of miles per day (something I did not think was possible). Worth every penny when one considers I was just about ready to say good-bye to my R1100S due to the rather uncomfortable stock setup. Keep up the good work. I'd recommend this alteration to those over 40. Cheers and thanks,"
Scott K.
Odessa, FL

"I installed the barbacks, easy install.
I'm on my second "S" an '04.
Never tried bar backs of any kind before.
What a difference they made.
Very high quality. Nice job.
Its surprising what a differnce an inch or so made."

Jim S.
Austin, TX

"I've gone for a much longer ride and my hands are no longer going numb!!!
What a difference! Yahoo!"

Victor J.
San Jose, CA

"I got them this morning at the post office at 8 o'clock. Iwent home and put them on, easy as pie. Then I rode for about 4 hours. WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Absolutely the best money I've spent on my S yet.
Thank you for such a nice product,"

Baxter, TN

"Ordered up Monday, received Thursday. Figured it'd take all weekdend of fussing around to get mounted. Imagine my glee/amazement when I had them on Friday evening in under an hour (including time to find tools, etc.). Everything about mounting was a pleasure as it fit, and fit the first time! Yes, they are comfortable, and I could "flatten out" the grip angle slightly. They are so comfortable they remind me of my old FJ1100"

Bad Billy
Tempe, AZ

"I received my Barbacks from Randy last week. They are beautifully made, it took me about an hour to install. Just follow his directions, no problems with wires or cables. What an addition to the comfort factor on those long trips."
Wally A.
State College, PA

"Got the barbacks today and I think I might order another set - I'll mount one set and keep the other set as object d'art..."
Bryn Mawr, PA

"Just finished test riding the Rapid Dog Barbacks. Here is an unsolicited recommendation:
1) EYE CANDY - These things are f*****g beautiful.
2) INSTALLATION - 45 minutes if you remove both panels to snip wire ties. Instructions are clear & detailed, with excellent photographs.
3) 85 mile test ride convinced me that this is the best money I've put into this bike. The difference in riding posture and comfort is incredible!
4) If you've considered this item, follow the advice in the old Nike commercial - Just Do It!"

Bill Telle
Muscatine Iowa

"I wanted you to know that they
are installed and they are terrific! The difference in comfort for a
guy like me (63 years old and kind of small and stiff) is wonderful."

David W.
Cedar Falls, IA

"We were immediately impressed by the machining of the billet aluminum. Arthur commented: 'Even if they don't work, Rob, they'd look great sitting on your desk!'...

Naturally, your claimed 30 minute installation time was viewed with skepticism so we were all pleasantly surprised to see, 29.9 minutes later, the task was done and we were still speaking in civil terms to each other! There is a noticeable difference in one's riding posture (to the good) and I like the ability to change the angle of the clip-ons away from the BMW factory standard if one care's to.
(about 2 weeks later...)
The S is approaching 10,000 miles on the clocks which means I've logged some 3,000 miles with these bar backs. I have ridden them in almost every type of riding condition from hot to wet, from fast to slow, from asphalt to dirt.
Simply put, I think they are the best modification one can make to convert the S from a comfortable Sport Bike to a comfortable Sport Touring Bike."

Uxbridge, MA

"I put the barbacks on last night. What a difference they make. Great product ."
David A.
Riverview, FL

"...really enjoying your barbacks ... upright is better and they moved me back in the Corbin right where I should have been sitting all along ... great comfort, no more aching hips ... super idea!!!!!! ."
Dan A.
Ontario, Canada

"They arrived at 4:00 today and were on the bike by 5:00! Look & feel great! Want a slightly used set of Suburban risers? Thanks again"
Ray M.
Colombia, SC

"I put the bar backs on this weekend and they work really well. It
definitely makes a difference in the level of comfort for the long rides.
Very nice product. I like being able to adjust them individually to fit just
so. It is truly night and day for those of us that would rather save the
push ups till after the ride... "

Todd H.
Boulder, CO

"Dude you rock! those barbacks went on in twenty minutes, and they work perfect.
now my back and wrists don't hurt on long distance rides.... "

J. Spence.
San Jose, CA

"I had similiar problems with the '04 S I bought last May. My hands frequently became numb during a 20-30 minute ride to work. I bought a pair of the bar backs offered by Rapid Dog and my problems went completely away. I can now ride for hours with no trace of the problem. I highly recommend them. I have no financial interest in them, other than a VERY satisfied customer."
D. Wood.
Chalfont, PA

"I received my set of barbacks on Thurs, thanks for forwarding so quickly. I
had them installed quickly and out for a 100 mile test ride. They are
absolutely the best change for the S. I'm not so tall, 5'8", and the couple
of extra inches make all the difference in the world, so much less pressure
on the wrists. Perfect. Thank you!"
L. Kuester
E.Granby, CT

"I wanted to say how well the bar backs are working.
It only took 15 mins. or less to install them and they
fit perfectly. Of course as soon as I had them on
Houston got record rainfall, but as soon as it stopped
I took a longish ride and marvelled at the difference.
Much more comfortable, and my wife is looking forward
to trying them out. She never felt comfortable on my
1100S, too much lean for her. She has an R1150R.
Thanks for making a fine product and your speedy
response. Good riding!"
Jim H.
Houston, Tx

"I put on the bar backs I recently purchased and had a chance to ride about 200 miles so far. They're great! Just what I was looking for. I'm loving the S all over again. I was worried about how the bike would handle in the twisties - just fine. My new upper body position now makes the stock seat actually comfortable. I don't seem to be pushed forward towards the tank all the time. Installation was a breeze - no new cable/hose required (I have a 99 with the kit to mount the bars above the triple clamp with footpegs lowered).
Thanks again,"
Kalman L.
Fairfield, CA

"Randy, Just wanted to follow up and write that I am happy with my bar risers. I certainly have a more comfortable riding position. I am about 5'9", and short armed, so it was what I needed... they work great, and thanks for making them!"
Kyle S.
Caldwell, NJ

"Randy, Thanks very much,...just
to say risers fitted and exceed my expectations and shall recommend to any
other BMWriders Ihappen across."
All the best Keith"
Keith M.
Shropshire, United Kingdom

"Thanks for your barbacks. It looks great!
I will tell every Norwegian!"
Bjorn V.
Drammen, Norway

"...Installed a Speigler brakeline kit with 2 inches added to the top line...just returned from a 250 mile trip and evreything is great!
I appreciate your product, it makes an old guy (65) grin to be able to ride one of these bikes."
Don B.
Humble, TX

"Barbacks arrived today fit and work beautifully, just been for quick 80
mile ride this morning major improvement in riding position."
Mark G.
Cumbria, United Kingdom

"After installing I went on a 1500 mile 5 day ride. It was perfect - the
risers were just the ticket."
Randy K.
Concord, NH

"Hi Randy, I received the barbacks yesterday and liked what I saw right away. I installed them today in about 30 minutes! I snipped off three zip ties, two on the right and one on the left. I didn't need to loosen any hydraulic lines. Only had time for a quick test ride but really like the difference.
... Thought I'd give you a little more feedback now that I've had the chance to log a few hundred miles. I LOVE YOUR BARBACKS!!! My 50+ body is very happy with the improved riding position. I think I'll be able to make it to 60 with my beloved R1100S ( that's 9 more years!). Thanks again.
Great idea, beautiful workmanship! "
Jeff L .
Spring Hill, FL

"Your barbacks now give me the riding position that I used to dream of, very comfortable thank you."
David G.
Milton, VT

"As I travel a lot through West Europe by bike (motorbike-hotels) I shall recommend your barbacks to all R1100S-owners."
Robert van L
Amsterdam, Netherlands

"They are great. They work great. They feel great. I think the best description is that I no longer have to reach for the bars, they are now placed in my hands. So comfortable to ride in such a natural position now. All solutions should be as good as yours. Thanks for everything."
Alan G
Rutland, VT

"I already bought a set a few monthes ago (found you through and now order a set for my partner who is jealous of my very comfortable seating! It is really a great product and was very fast to fit. Didn't even need longer brakelines (although I had the low clippings).
Violaine S.
Deventer, Netherlands

"Randy, Add this to your testimonials. I rode my bike from the Twin Cities to the BMW international rally in West Bend, WI this past weekend. Thanks to the barbacks it was a very comfortable ride.
I can't imagine what it would have been like without them..."
Irv L.
Twin Cities, USA

"They looked fantastic on opening the package. Very well made and good quality finish.

They are now fitted and I've ridden the bike around the drive just to see how they feel. Very pleased so far. A much improved riding position and the barbacks look really discreet on the bike. On Sunday I'm out instructing for the day so they should get a 100mile or so test. Can't wait!

Thanks very much for the great product. I thought the whole transaction was very smooth and straightforward. I particularly liked the way that you kept me informed of the production timescale throughout. I didn't mind the short wait at all and once you said they would be shipped they arrived very quickly.
Kind regards,"

Clare C.

"Randy, I want to thank you for handling this so quickly and generously. The barbacks got here in time to install before a long ride on Saturday. A noticable improvement!
Probably the decising factor to keep the bike."
Daron S.
Weaverville, NC

"I received the barbacks, installed them and I must say that I am very happy indeed :-)
I was actually thinking about changing the bike for a bike with more upright riding position, but now I can continue riding the bike I love so much."
Jan F.
Stavanger, Norway

"Received the bar backs this Tuesday & installed them, they work great...thought I was going to have to sell the bike & get a R1200RT.
You saved me thousands! Thanks!"
Doug R.
Mooresville, NC 

"Hey Randy......Got the barbacks on.....What a great invention. Yesterday I took a 3.5 hour ride thru So. Fla. and did not have one bit of discomfort as with my comfort (not) bars. With the old comfort bars I could only take about 40 min. in the saddle then needed a break. The barbacks have provided everything you said they would. My 59 year old back, shoulders and arms appreciate these remarkable devices. Thanks for all your advice and suggestions. Only problem is I now have more bugs on my teeth from smiling!. Thanks again!"
Carl Q .
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  

"I received your barbacks Saturday; installed them in ten minutes. Took a 100 mile ride yesterday, and never even once thought about my riding position. The R1100S feels like a BMW now! Amazing little product."
Mark M .
Carbondale, CO  

"And then... the ride. Perfect. No other words..."
Peter G .
Zwijnaarde, Belgium  

"Happy Bar Back Rider...
Rapid Dawg, I only got around to fitting the bar backs yesterday - was waiting on the longer braided hoses and waiting even longer for the motivation to actually take old hoses off, fit new ones and prime/bleed (while I was motivated, I changed the engine oil/filter and the tranny & final drive oils). Mate, what a difference!! The more comfortable riding position/ less strain on wrists has already been mentioned in many posts. But an extra bonus is that the mirrors now work great - you can now see the road and traffic behind you! As opposed to before, when you had to contort neck and head and still got a crap rear view. I also feel that the handling has improved. The bike is easier to drop into turns, especially low speed turns. Not sure why - better leverage with the higher and slightly wider bars?! Different riding position changing the weight distribution/balance?!? I'll leave the 'why' to more knowledgeable forum members..."
Mark M.
New South Wales, AU  

I took a 5 hour ride on Saturday, the Barbacks reduced my shoulder/back pain by about 80%. Thanks for making a great product.
Mark S.
Kent, WA  

"Randy, I got them on and wow, you're a genius...the bike is heaven now."
Ken T.
Heaven, USA  

" Randy thanks so much for the wonderful Barbacks. The difference it has made on my R1100S is amazing. My wrists are not at all sore not matter what distance I travel and my new riding position is very comfortable without taking away from the bike. The Barbacks machining is beautiful, fit and finish is perfect, installation was a breeze, my order and shipping was flawless, I had great communication and updates on my order...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

Frank B. - Varney, Ontario Canada


"Ok Randy, I have managed to get bars on and ride it after all the snow went away....BLOODY GREAT...THANKS .....ONE HAPPY OLDER GUY AND HIS BACK SAY THANKS!"

Shaun W.
Somewhere In, Denmark  


Thank you for the beautifully machined product. Rapid Dog BarBacks have unlocked the touring potential of my BMW R1100S! Attached are a couple shots half way through my installation illustrating the difference between the stock “low bar” position and the modified position.
Many thanks, they work perfectly
Paul C.- USA

Somewhere in the Internets

"I love the barbacks. It’s definitely a better position for me and I still feel its just fine for sportiness as well. I’m very pleased!"
Peter I..
British Columbia , Canada

"Fitted the barbacks, took minutes to do and the ride improvement is unbelievable. All wrist and elbow pains gone completely. The bike actually handles better and feels lighter. You should be justly proud of an excellent bit of engineered kit that does exactly what it says it does. This is going to keep me on my R1100s for many many more happy miles than I'd ever thought I'd possible. Use me for reference anytime!"
Duncan R..
Northumberland , UK

Just a note to say thanks for such a great addition to my 11S. I installed them not long after receiving the shipment, but only had a couple of short rides until earlier this week. Did nearly a 6 hour ride, mix of back country pavement, some 2 lane highway, and even a bit of superslab. The barbacks improved my comfort level beyond my expectations and my earlier short ride experience. A number of years ago I had heart failure during an angioplasty, the defib machine failed to re-start the old ticker. Couldn't ride for much more than 45-60 minutes at a stretch! But now I can ride a full tank full (about 3 hours or so) with NO discomfort! All wrist and elbow pains gone completely. The bike actually handles better and feels lighter. You should be justly proud of an excellent bit of engineered kit that does exactly what it says it does. This is going to keep me on my R1100s for many many more happy miles than I'd ever thought I'd possible. Use me for reference anytime!"
Bill J .

"Hi Randy: I had my mechanic install my barbacks and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality, aesthetics, and ergonomics. I recently purchased my 2002 low bar R1100S and I am 66 years old and not as limber as I used to be. The riding position was putting a lot of pressure on my thumbs and causing much discomfort in my neck. In fact, the backward tilt of my head was causing the rear of my helmet to touch the base of my neck---and the forward rotation of the helmet on my head was slightly reducing my visibility. All of those issues are dramatically improved and I can now ride comfortably. Thanks for the great service and the high quality product which is far superior to the competitors bar backs. Dr. Martin Carlin, Los Angeles
P.S. the part number for the BMW brake hose given for the suburban barbacks is correct for the Rapid Dog barbacks, as well. "

Dr. Martin C.
Los Angeles, CA

". After fitting the bars I went for a 120 mile ride and I must say that it made a huge difference – no more sore wrists after 50 miles!! I am going to try and do some more mileage soon, but with our winter setting in I may have to delay it for a while. I had intended selling bike due to the comfort issue, but now not for sale!!!
Alec Buggs
Somewhere, New Zealand.

Subject: Happy Camper!

I installed the beautifully machined bar backs last Friday evening and I left for Milwaukee on Saturday morning and thoroughly enjoyed the new
seating position, 235 miles of pure enjoyment. Thank you!!

I rode from Milwaukee to St. Louis, then back to Champaign just a few miles short of 700 for the day. I could never have done that
ride with the bars in the old, stock position.

Have a great day! You just made mine!!
John S.
Milwaukee, USA 

Hi Randy,
Just another happy Aussie, many thanks for the pretty engineering. Accurate fit, function & form just perfect. They've transformed my bike, the pain's disappeared and for me the handling's improved. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anybody that needs a little more comfort from the beautiful ride that is the 1100S.
Cheers mate.

Perth, Western Australia.

I have since sold my 11s, but damn, the BB's helped sell it to a person interested in comfort. It did not effect the handling at all negatively - I ride with old, fast, hooligans and the 11 was just happpy as can be. I now have a 12 and wish the Heli's i put in were as good. Mind you I do love the 12s. It has its charms even without your BB's.
LeftCoast Peter
Pelicanparts et al

Parts came quick and they were exactly as everybody said they would be! I did change out this a.m. and it took me about an hour and a half. I was delayed due to my heated grip wiring being too tight. I had to remove the right side fairing to get at the wire ties and re-route existing wiring. Short of that (and the fact I'm VERY deliberate) I probably could have done change out in 20 minutes.
Lastly, I just came back from 100+ miles and what a difference! Add my name too the list of COMPLETELY satisfied customers!

Thanks again, Dean.

Dean (Run 64)

Barbacks arrived and fitted. Really easy job as I had already moved my lowbars to the comfort bar position. New braided brake lines fitted and a few cable ties relocated. Had my first ride (to test the brakes) yesterday, I can only agree with other comments, weight on hips rather than wrists, mirrors improved, no slipping around on seat, an all-round improvement. Thanks to Rapid Dog, I have not got the expense of looking for a new bike. The 2003 R1100S now fits my 51 year old frame. The thought of changing the brake lines put me off installing barbacks for a long time, glad I have made the change!
Shanyne Mawsley

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my risers.
My riding position is so much better which in turn reduces the impact on my hands & back .
Thanks mate.
Mark Atkinson

All is now good to go and I am enjoying the new placement of the bars. Their new location now allows me to ride for about three hours none stop before my shoulder and neck starts to get a bit angry and lets me know it is time to take a break. Without your Bar Backs I barely was able to ride an hour before that would happen. So needless to say I am very happy with the results. Maany thanks for developing an excellent product while I an happy to reccomend to other riders.
Jack - USA

Just another happy Aussie, many thanks for the pretty engineering. Accurate fit, function & form just perfect. They've transformed my bike, the pain's disappeared and for me the handling's improved.  I cannot recommend them highly enough to anybody that needs a little more comfort from the beautiful ride that is the 1100S. Cheers mate!
Dennis - Perth Wstern Australia

Randy-- before the snow starts to fly out here, I want to take a moment and say thanks for the barbacks you sent me this spring. They don't fix my issue completely but my ride now is 75% better. In the future I'll be looking for other gems you might have for the R1100S. Take care ---again thanks.
Phil - Midwest

Thank you Randy for great product and fast shipping .

andrisport from Pelican

Great news. My back already feels better!
Thanks....Bob Joyce.

Bob J.- Midwest

Got the Bar backs on Weds and put them right on. Wow, nice difference.
Very solid and great quality. Going to make the ole wrists much more comfortable on the long rides. Thanks again for the quick turnaround. Did a Sunday run and a hair over 200 miles and what a nice feel.  If anyone wants a testimonial you can always use me. 
Take care and Safe Riding.

Larry M.- Delta, PA

Ok Randy, I managed to get bars on and ride it after all the snow went away....BLOODY GREAT...THANKS .....ONE HAPPY OLDER GUY AND HIS BACK SAY THANKS!
Shaun W.- Denmark

It's a peace of art, and thank you for all you have done.
Groeten van J - Netherlands

What a difference! I had the model with the handle bars below the triple clamps and I debated whether I should just move the bars up or go ahead and order the bar backs. I'm really glad I did. Adding the bar backs and lowering the foot pegs took all of the cramped position out of the bike. No more neck pain an numb fingers. I can ride the bike for hours. The bar backs are a great addition. They are beautifully machined and WELL worth the price...
Hal H.- Pueblo, Co

Paul Garson (August, 2015)

Before adding Randy's bar risers, riding my R1100S was a mix of pleasure
and pain. Now my wrists and hands are smiling thanks to the relief gained
from their installation. And they're techno-works of art themselves, beautifully
carved chunks of polished aluminum. Two thumbs up and thanks Randy!


Mr. Feldman at Pelicanparts R1100S/R1200S Forum (August, 2015)

"Without a doubt, those RD barbacks are one of the"best" mods I've done to my R1100S!"

Thanks much!

Mike Pie, Earth (USA)

Hey, Just wanted to tell you that I put the barbacks on my 2001 R1100S last weekend and took it for a spin. What a difference. Very happy. I never rode that thing much before, but now it's my favorite ride. Feel free to use my review. Thanks much!

JJ, Boise ID

Hi Randy, I mounted your riser on the bike and they are fantastic, I am very happy.

Stefano, Italy

More at the Pelican...



Rapid Dog started back in 1981 as a BMW rider and graphic designer. Since then several iterations of employ from Aerospace Engineering to moto parts design have been the norm...

Easy Peasy

  • This simple design gave me resolve, and better ergos...
    One thing I am proud of, is these barbacks don't spoil the looks of the R1100S, You have to look real close to notice that there's much changed to the factory comfort bars. Gee, it's a subtle mod!
    It's all about how you're body fits to the bike, and we are all different.
    That said, these barbacks aren't for all S riders. But over 800 riders have tried them and love them! RD


Contact me for info via e-mail to buy a set or get on the list.

If there are set available it will be posted right here.

Otherwise, I need at least 5 riders to get a run going...

Address: PO Box 63, Acton, CA 93510