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Bikes that came from the factory with OEM Comfort handlebars (aboove the top triplecalmp) won't need a longer barke hose, whether they have ABS or not. Just a little reasonable slack needs to be pulled in the wire harness, See the Instructions.

Sportbar bikes (below the top tripletree) that DO NOT have ABS are the only bikes that need a longer brakehose. Up to about 3", but feel the slack you need, measure and get a line made by Spiegler, Galfer, or other. Not that expensive.

Updater 05/04/06
I've done an inquiry at the Pelicanparts R1100S Tech Forum and there is alot of good feedback there now.
Here's the direct link to the discussion: Barback Longer Hose Inquisition ...
Mentioned is a BMW Parts search that is very useful called

Also, Here is a quote from one of our members about the throttle cable. it appears that it's not required:
"There is no need to add a new throttle cable if you tuck the cable behind the ignition key cylinder. Secure it losely with a zip tie. If it is allowed to remain in it's normal position it will cause the bike to race.
This is one area that was a little unclear when I did my research.
I was releived to know the cable didn't need replacing.

And more on the brake hose for non-ABS lowbar bikes. You may call your BME Dealer Parts guy and ask and compare parts:
"Here is information from Suburban Machinery for their R11S Handlebar Riser Kit: On non ABS models a longer brake hose is required.
For Brembo calipers (99 thru Jan 2001) use BMW part # 34-32-2-331-915
For BMW EVO calipers (Feb 2001 thru today) use BMW part # 34-32-7-651-553


There is some discussion on this subject...Do a search at Pelican Parts R1100S Forum...There are opinions and everybody's got one, so it goes like this...

The OEM comfort bars have a small positioning indicator tab (or tang) on the bottom side that corresponds with a notch in the top side of the upper tripleclamp that prevents the handlebar from also prevents the rider from positioning the handlebars to suit his/her feel. In turn, the OEM Sport (low) bars have a screw that serves the same purpose.
Personally, the first thing I did was raise my comfort bars far enough upward to clear the tang from the slot so that I could rotate them to suit me better. I always adjust the bars and levers on a motorcycle before I ride it, just like I do in a car, steering wheel, seat, mirrors, should have adjustability IMO.) Think about it...why would a manufacturer make handlebars that were NOT adjustable?...weird.

There has been only 1 case that after ordering, a person opted to not use RD Barbacks because they do not incorporate the tang. The BMW mechanic's (that was to install them) opinion was that if it didn't have the tang, it would not be safe...and furthermore, in the case of a crash or front-end hit, the tang would prevent the bars from rotating.
So be it. One person's opinion. I gladly refunded the buyer's payment, no questions asked.

RD Barbacks work on the traditional clamping principle that has been used with racing clamp-on bars for a long long time. That said the choice is up to you. This is why when you order a set, I require that you read and agree with the Release of Liability on the ORDER page. We are not a business selling aftermarket products. We are, I am, an enthusiast making custom parts by order for other enthusiasts. You are solely responsible for how you modify your bike!
On the same hand, this is the reason why dealers shy away from installing products that they don't sell themselves. Keep in mind that they view it as a liability issue, and often times they look down their noses at products they aren't familiar with. The dealer/mechanic sees the widget, and the natural reaction is to question it, and the opinions start flying..."if it's not BMW, than it won't work" can be the norm...unless of course the widget is very popular and sells well...As a caveat, I have had several dealers carry the barbacks, both in the US and Europe.

My take on it is for one to avoid the hassle and install them one's self, but only if one felt comfortable in doing so. Otherwise, one should find another alternative

When will I get my RD Barbacks?

Because I make these on a supply and demand basis, I need to get commitments from you folks so that we can put together a run. We'll usually do about 6-12 sets at a time. The run involves scheduling with the machine shop. Just so you know ahead of time, in manufacturing, there are delays and backups, so I try to give a general timeline for when your backs will be shipped. Thus see the Updater on the HOME page.

When we get a 4-5 commitments (paid) which is an on-going process, we get busy on getting stock and finding time to do the machining. That being said, my goal is to sell a set every week to support my you can imagine I'm pretty motivated to get these made. 10 years later riders are still asking for them!

I will keep you posted as we progress, every few days if you are a paid commitment. I am totally comfortable answering any and all questions via e-mail about the barbacks and/or their progress.
I answer questions usually within the hour.
I'll also post on the HOME page how the run is coming along and how many we have paid, or how many we have left to sell.

If you're interested, get on board!
Questions? Want to know when the next run is? Do I have any in stock? Contact me:

Ride Safe and Enjoy




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    One thing I am proud of, is these barbacks don't spoil the looks of the R1100S, You have to look real close to notice that there's much changed to the factory comfort bars. Gee, it's a subtle mod! Installation instructions here.
    It's all about how you're body fits to the bike.
    That said, these barbacks aren't for all S riders. For those that want them, the results speak for themselves RD


Contact me for info via e-mail to buy a set or get on the list. I need at least 5 riders to get a run going...

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