Now again available! Yes, we are back!!!

Weather in the south (power down) has created circumstances beyond the machinist control. I won't advertise until I have the parts in my hands at a future date. Sorry folks.

E-mail me to get some relief: order@rapiddog.net

>>>Updater: July 2nd, 2023 - 5PM PST


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RD Barbacks are available by custom order only. After a run is shipped I may have some on reserve, please ask.   Otherwise a new 'list; will be started. I need at least three Prepaid orders to get a run going.

This is how you order your set:

1.) To reserve a set or get on the run list, via e-mail: order@rapiddog.net.
2.) Let me know where you heard about RD Barbacks, (please!)...it could mean a discount for you.
3.) Payment - Paypal with an address included in the payment is always best as it streamlines the shipping process. E-me if you'd like to make other payment arrangements.
4.) Please read the Release of Liability (below) and state that you understand and agree via a simple e-mail stating so!
5.) Send full payment when you get the confirmation from me that I have a set available or we have a collective run you want to be included in.
6.) Remain calm and anticipate your S-comfort coming in a timely manner...usually takes a week to two weeks to get a run made and prepped to ship. US Postal Priority takes 1-3 days.

Release of Liability

The purchaser (you) agrees that the provider of this item (me) does not take responsibility for damage, accident or physical injury of the purchaser or purchasers vehicle, and/or other person(s) or persons' vehicle(s), and/or properties due to the use of and/or installation of this or any other item made by the provider. Furthermore, satisfaction with this item is not guaranteed. This is strictly a use-at-your-own-risk prototype part, manufactured and in agreement between purchaser and provider.

Warning: These R1100S barbacks are not approved, sanctioned, designed, nor otherwise suggested to be used for competition racing or racetrack testing, nor are they tested, certified, or otherwise approved for street use by the provider, BMW or any other company, or official body.

In other words, don't you or yours come and try and squeeze blood out of a rock...cuz I got next to nothin' anyhow...Please acknowledge you've read and agree with the above statement by e-mailing me here:

Read, Agree, and E-mail Rapid stating so...

Ride safe.

How much are these gems???

Though manufacturing and nmaterials costs have gone up, the price remains the same!

Price including shipping Priority Mail using Paypal, Check, or Money order (include shipping address ) - $250
Includes trackable shipping and insurance via U.S. Postal Priority mail within the US.
You will need to contact me and arrange to pay if using a personal check or M.O.

Paypal address is : order@rapiddog.net

International Orders

Price Paypal (only) shipped outside the US Continent -
with trackable shipping (to your countries post office) including insurance via U.S. Postal Priority mail International to Canada, Europe, and beyond.

Include your complete address including City, Provence, Country and email and phone number!

I will ONLY ship via US Postal inside and outside the US.

Stay aprised of the Run Schedule at the Home page where I'll keep you posted on the progress.

To order contact me directly at: order@rapiddog.net



This is NOT a business!
Just an enthusiast making parts for other enthusiasts...so, it's casual...

This is a
custom made to order item. Payment is required up front for new barback runs (get on the list). No refund once you've committed., I'm making a set for YOU...


Rapid Dog started back in 1981 as a BMW rider and graphic designer. Since then several iterations of employ fom Aerospace Engineering to moto parts design have been the norm.

Easy Peasy

  • A simple design ...
    One thing I am proud of, is these barbacks don't spoil the looks of the R1100S, You have to look real close to notice that there's much changed to the factory comfort bars. Gee, it's a subtle mod! Installation instructions here.
    It's all about how you're body fits to the bike.
    That said, these barbacks aren't for all S riders. For those that want them, the results speak for themselves - RD


Contact me for info via e-mail to buy a set or get on the list. I need at least 5 riders to get a run going...

Address: PO Box 63, Acton, CA 93510
E-mail: order@rapiddog.net